Whatsapp chat history migration

WhatsApp just keeps on improving. We’ve been mentioning the instant messaging app here almost every week as several updates are rolling out. We noted that disappearing mode in privacy settings plus the money transfer service and payments being made ready in Brazil. Now we’re learning that it’s able to support chat history migration to a different phone number. The feature isn’t ready yet but will become available as part of an update in the near future.

Migrating chat history to a different platform or app is possible. It may be known as the Chat History Migration which is still in the works. A preview is available as it is still being tested.

Many people will find this feature useful. There are a lot of important details and memories that may be stored in conversations. The usual problem is they go missing or deleted. And when you move to a different platform or even change devices or phone number, you can’t view them.

With Chat History Migration, you can still access your WhatsApp chats on other platforms or a new phone number. So if you use both Android or iOS and may need to switch between platforms, you can still access your WhatsApp chat history.

This could be the cross-platform backup we discovered a few weeks ago. The WhatsApp team has been working on a number of changes and improvements and this history migration will be more than welcome.