Sleeping. Even if you’re a developer who works until 4 or 5 AM even and sometimes especially on a weeknight, it’s your duty to sleep through that time on that day because guess what? That’s when Verizon releases the iPhone 4 to existing customers. Take a rest, take a nap, even watch a movie. It’s your time to relax and smell the roses, because that phone costs $90 a month that’ll be put to much better use for you — soda pop and USB cords.

You know what else you could spend that $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB models iPhone money on? A Motorola XOOM, or a Notion Ink Adam tablet. Heck, you could even build your own tablet and the money would be better spent. Let me tell you why, and stop me if you’ve heard this before.

1. You love Android, and Android loves you back. Why would you leave Android out in the cold like that?

2. iPhone 5 will be wayyy better. If you’ve gotta leave Android out in the cold, at least wait for an uneven number.

3. Wouldn’t you rather go with U.S. Cellular? How about a nice LG Optimus U to tide you over until Mobile World Congress?

4. Three AM is a time much better spent hanging out in the forums, deciding which phone you want your perfectly awesome Android phone to emulate. Who are we fooling?

5. No ClockworkMod.

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  1. I don’t feel any need to root against the iPhone. Stiff competition can only make Android better.

    But I will probably be sleeping at that time.

  2. Is a phone going onto a new carrier really that much of a big deal in America? AFAIK the iPhone is available on all carriers here in the UK.

    Liking the new comment system, btw. Keep up the good work!

    • Is a two year contract worth a feature that will be coming to android anyway? Hulu also.. besides videos on 3G or wifi isn’t something to go head over heals for.. give me fake 4G and now were talking

    • There’s already a ton of streaming movie apps (legal or not) already available on the Android Market. You seem to thing Netflix is the only one…

      It’s like say that the Hulu Magazine subscription that will only be available for Android means that your phone will have no other magazine subscriptions…

  3. my 2 iphone 4’s will cost $4,800 by the time my 2 year contract expires. If I add the cost of the iphone 3G that I had for 1 year prior to the iphone 4, I spent $1200. so in 3 yrs I will have spent $6,000 in cell phone costs !!!

    $6,000 could be used as;
    – a down payment on a house
    – tuition for college
    – a down payment on a new car
    – groceries for 20 months @ $300 a month (for a childless couple)
    – a vacation to Disney Land
    – a vacation for 2 to just about anywhere in the world
    why people are so eager (almost with religious fever) to run out and buy an iphone is beyond comprehension.

  4. And why do you somehow propagate this date even in the Android community?
    Can’t we just ignore that crap at least on Android sites. Man, it looks like there are really some potential iPhone fans.
    You know what Freud said?

      • “Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.”
        “The ego is not master in its own house. ”

        What could be interpreted, not only by Freud, that the continues mentioning of all things iPhone, good or bad, implies that the writer just loves the iPhone.

        And that leads me to the point: Why do I have to read iPhone related stuff on Android sites? Maybe the study is right in the end who says most of the Android users are latent iPhone-Lovers.

      • This is an opinion piece. We write 20-30 articles per day. I’m sure
        there are plenty of great articles for everyone’s liking. If you find
        and article that’s not for you, skip it.

        Thanks, V
        408-641-1234 @Nguyen @SlashGear @Androids

  5. Nice, this is EXACTLY what I wanted to see posted on an Android site. iPhone 4 for Verizon is a great Android device…not. Douche post…….

  6. Wait, do people not realize that Chris is _promoting_ Android in this piece? You guys realize he is not saying go out and get an iPhone, right?

  7. i love android, but if motorola really expects us to shell out nearly $1000 for a glorified laptop, they’ve really lost it this year.

    • Uhm, you realize that millions of people have been paying $1,000 for a shadow of a gimped laptop with their standard phone interface for the past few months now, right?

      At least Notion Adam has built in some USB profiles / memory card / HDMI / camera — all the functions of a netbook / laptop. Xoom’s got an optimized interface for tablets, among other things.

      So… yeah… You might not, but tons of people out there? Yeah, they would.

  8. freaking stupid article. android should be worried! If all these verizon subscribers get a iPhone instead of a android phone, then sales plummet, costs go down, deals are offered, and if these customers get an iPhone and get locked down for 2 years, say bye bye android…

    • Not sure what makes you think that. Not many Android users are jumping ship but even if they did Android would only take it as a challenge to do something better. Apple came out with innovation and for a while they were on top so they got too comfy and were easily surpassed. And with the Androids coming out this year like AT&Ts own Atrix and the anticipated VZW phones i’d say Android doesn’t have a thing to worry about.

  9. I won’t be getting an iPhone, but I will be discontinuing my daily read of this site. This post was unnecessary, worthless, and embarrassing as a fellow Android user.


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