Ready for an Amazon smartphone? We sure are. We’re here in Seattle, waiting to get our first look at whatever it is Amazon has in store for us. While we’re all anticipating a smartphone, it can’t be just hardware, can it?

Amazon has already tipped their hat with a music streaming service, which is (naturally) aimed at Prime members. That was quietly expected to happen today, as we’d heard rumblings weeks ahead that it was happening. Aside from that, what can we expect?

The device itself — and there will be a device, of that we’re certain — has some sort of visual twist to it (maybe literally). A posted video teasing the event had users tweakingthe phone and craning their eyes, ooh-ing and aah-ing the entire time. Are those 3D screen rumors true?

Whatever it is, we’re front and center for the occasion, so be sure to keep an eye out here for all your Amazon device news! In the meantime, we want to know what you’re looking for from this phone. If we had our one wish, it would be Play Store apps — what about you?