Amazon rumors come in droves, but this is one of those rare times that they do come true, not that we’re complaining. After months in the rumor mill, Amazon’s Prime Music streaming service is finally unveiled, it is as good as it sounds. At least, if you’re an Amazon Prime Member.

Amazon Prime Music has almost anything and everything you’d ever want in a streaming music service, at no extra cost if you’re already a Prime subscriber. For one, you get access to what Amazon claims is over a million songs, from artists like Daft Punk, Foo Fighters, Madonna, Bruno Mars, and more. And Amazon promises to grow that list even longer as it gets its own hands on more licenses. With that many songs to choose from, it might be a pain in the extremities to get the right mix for the right occasion. Enter Prime Playlists, a collection of, well, playlists curated and sorted by Amazon. There are literally hundreds of these, covering every combination of genre, artist and mood.


Having an almost inexhaustible collection of music is one thing, but one area where streaming music services differ is in playback. Especially those that offer their services at no cost, those will be usually be riddled by ads placed smack in the middle of the song, or limits to how many times you can play a tune, or even something as simple as requiring an active Internet connection. You will find none of that in Prime Music. You can play any song as many times as you want until it wears out your eardrums or your neighbor’s patience. And no ads shall pass into your jamming time, producing embarrassing and mood killing voice overs. And lastly, you don’t even need an Internet connection, at least not all the time. You can download your favorite tunes and listen to them as much as you want without interruption, even in those remote or enclosed area where signal or cables cannot reach you. Perfect for that zombiepocalypse situation.


If it all sounds too good to be true, it may be, but just a wee bit. All of these features do come for free, but only if you’re an Amazon Prime member already. Right now, you can get a free taste of what that exactly means for 30-days. Be warned, however.After that period is over, you will be automatically billed $99/year for the service. If you want to jump ship, be sure to cancel your subscription before that day arrives.

SOURCE: Amazon