We’re here at Google I/O, ready and waiting for the keynote to begin! After recently learning we’d see a new version of Android introduced today, we’re excited to see just what the new release will bring us. There are also a few other Android twists and turns we’re expecting, but will we get all that we’re hoping for?

The new release (widely expected to be the “L” version) of Android is definitely going to hit the world, at least in preview mode. It’s a smart move, and one Apple does with much success. Releasing the new version to Developers well ahead of the public gives everyone time to adjust and hit he ground running for a Fall release.

What about Android TV, though? Will we finally get a well-rounded living room offering from Google? Chromecasts are nice, but limited almost to media streaming. Google TV was… interesting… but its time has passed. We’re looking for a set-top box today.

The Open Automotive Alliance is also lingering, which is Google’s attempt to provide Android as a back-end solution for auto manufacturers. We’d like to see something on that front, but there is nary a mention, much less a session for the program.

Android Wear is happening – that much is evident. We’re excited to see if Google will bring anything else to the table with regard to wearables. We’re also mildly excited to see which device(s) Google might give away this year. Will we finally get our hands on an Android Wear smartwatch from LG and/or Motorola?

As we make our way through the keynote, and all through the rest of the week, we’ll be sure to bring you all the fun things Android may have in store for us. Check back here for all your Android info from I/O!