A fun new game has arrived on Android this week called Middle Manager of Justice. This title is full of superheros that aim to make fun of the corporate world and all you that clock in to those corporate jobs each and every day. For those wondering, it comes from the developers at Double Fine, headed by Tim Schafer, formerly of LucasArts. So that alone makes it worth checking out.

Middle Manager of Justice has just launched for Android this week and although it’s been available for iOS for quite some time, it’s nice to see it arrive for Android. Back to the game, MMofJ is a promising title with some excellent animated artwork, original storyline, and great visuals all around. Even if it has an animated cartoon look.

You aren’t the boss, but you aren’t a peon, the title sums up the game quite well, although they have their own tagline in the description to better help you understand. It reads, “Somewhere between GOOD and EVIL… Between ORDER and CHAOS… Between UPPER MANAGEMENT and the SENIOR STAFF… You’ll find the glue that holds it all together: The Middle Manager of Justice!

You’ll be tasked with hiring some staff the become your middle managers of justice. These superheros will keep busy in the office honing their skills and tactics, and when the time is right, save the world one enemy at a time. Get the crew ready for battle, and then toss them into the action.

It has some awesome artwork, plenty of laughs with a good sense of office humor, and should be quite fun. The game is optimized for Tegra devices, but works across a wide array of Android smartphones and tablets. Even if it does seem to be crashing on my new Nexus 7. Give it a try below. It’s worth mentioning that for this weekend’s gaming you might want to also download a game called Dots.

VIA: Play Store