The Android Market has came a long long ways in just a short time, wouldn’t you all agree? The web-based version is quite nice for those that don’t use it often. Showing things like featured apps, feature tablet apps, top paid, top free and more. I like seeing the top new apps to discover things I’ve not seen yet. Today we have a little surprise and now we are seeing a visual graph next to the installed numbers.

Now instead of just showing an arrow and the amount of installs said app has, it shows a fancy graph (pictured above) showing the install history over the past 30 days. Pretty neat huh? Looking at the graph for Google+ shows it had a pretty solid few weeks when first announced. Even though the developers might not like this part it’s also fun to see the chart take a nose dive after the app is the “Amazon free app of the day”. Just like shown here on SwiftKey X Tablet.

I was excited when we got access to the new Market app for our phones a few weeks ago. You can see the new market in our full review. while the new market app might be more exciting I’m pretty stoked about these graphs. Its another easy way to visually see what is new and fresh in the Android market. The graph might not be extremely practical but I still like it either way.

My favorite feature on the web-based market hands down is the ability to install apps remotely to multiple devices. Right from the web market I’ll send the same new app or wallpaper to my phone and my tablet(s) all at the same time so when I pick them up it is already installed. That is all for now, what do you guys think of the graph? Cool new feature or no biggie and we should move along?

[via Android Police]