Wear OS by Google is finally receiving the new Actions and Assistant features. We’ve got more details about this development as Android developers have been trying to make their work more known by the consumers. The rebranded Android Wear is now on Developer Preview 2 and this now includes a bunch of power-related improvements plus Actions on Google or AoG support. If you’re waiting for a battery saver mode, this DP is able to offer such. The dev preview also adds Android Emulator images.

The tech giant is also making a downloadable system image for the Huawei Watch 2 Classic Bluetooth and the Huawei Watch 2 Bluetooth. For now, only developers can take advantage of the preview. Regular consumers may not be able to run the version easily as it’s ready via manual download and flash.

Since more Actions for Google Assistant are being added, the same goes for Actions on Google to Wear OS. Support for AoG is available now aside from text-to-speech, follow-on suggestion, and visual cards. Some Actions on Android P may be available on Wear OS.

With the enhanced battery saver mode, some services and apps may be turned off. A more power-efficient watch face is then shown and other programs are put on idle. To read the time, you can simply press the side button. You can easily and quickly go back to the fully-operational mode by doing a long press. Once out of the battery mode, you can do normal tasks like replying to a message or using your NFC-enabled mobile payment service.

Some other important changes include the rollback of Wi-Fi off when BT is disconnected plus the limited background activity and foreground service.

SOURCE: Android Developers Blog


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