Wear OS now supports Google Assistant and just recently, the platform is reportedly receiving more Actions and Assitant features. More will be arriving in the coming months and we can only expect new related apps and functions will roll out. The rebranded Android Wear is being upgraded every time bugs are discovered. It will be a continuous effort since because really, there is no perfect version ever. There was no mention when the latest updates will be ready but some people have reported their watches are getting the version of the Wear OS.

Google must have done a silent launch. Some people may not see the update right away because the interface of the Google Assistant isn’t updated yet. Only the Google wearable app is changed according to one redditor who saw the update. This particular development updates the Google Assistant and delivers new features such as speaking the answers out loud, support for Actions on Google Assistant apps, follow-up queries and suggestions.

Your smartwatch can now be used to play the Assistant’s answers to your queries. It will take advantage of your wearable’s speaker or any connected Bluetooth device you have. Suggestions will also be shown on the watch after a question or search. These are usually related on your queries. Lastly, support for Assistant apps or Actions on Google. This is an obvious addition because of the Google Assistant being extended to wearables. If you have other smart home products and services that you connect to through the Assistant, you will be able to do the same just by “talking” to your Wear OS-powered watch.

VIA: Reddit