Waze may not be widely used these days due to the fact that millions of people around the world stay at home but the app is still very useful. Perhaps now is the best time to update the program. The last update we featured was that the hidden Monster Mood can now be enabled. A few months ago, Waze also wanted to know what you’re feeling while driving. We’re guessing the newly introduced feature is a result of the lane guidance being tested out before.

The team behind Waze is actually still busy. Back in April, Waze was reportedly helping with regional relief efforts and supporting local businesses. The company knows how to offer assistance that matters like reports of unplowed roads during the winter season.

This time, Waze now delivers “alerts for where the railroad crossing is”. The alert will be given even “before you’re crossing the railroad”. The good news was shared via Twitter which is as good as an official announcement or press release.

Such alerts can be very helpful because it tells you what you are about to do. Other people may no longer need it but there are those that may want to be affirmed of their actions. And yes, crossing a railroad is just crossing any kind of road. It can be dangerous if you miss one or forget what’s about to happen.