What could be better and mind-blowing than OnePlus’ virtual reality event when it launched the OnePlus 2 last year? Samsung’s 360 live streaming! Yes, the Unpacked event happening this February 21 where #TheNextGalaxy will be unveiled will be presented in 360 live streaming for those who cannot be in Barcelona. This is the first ever 360 live streaming to happen not just in the history of the Mobile World Congress but in the world.

So that’s what was being teased in the promo video last month. We just thought the Gear VR would only be shown off but apparently, Samsung had another great idea. This 360 live streaming launch is cool. It’s the first ever and we’ll get to see how powerful it can be. Samsung is really pushing for the VR industry what with all the VR headsets it’s been working on, that Gear 360 VR camera, VR games, and now this special event.

You can choose where you want to “sit” in the auditorium–with the audience, center stage, stage left, or stage right. You can be “right there” so you won’t miss anything.

Here’s how you can watch Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event from your Gear VR, smartphone, tablet, or computer:

PC. Visit Samsung’s website then choose the viewing position you want.

Samsung Galaxy s7 edge

MOBILE. Download the Unpacked 360 View app from the Google Play Store and install. Launch the app once the Unpacked event starts and then choose your viewing position.

Samsung 360 live streaming Unpacked 2016

GEAR VR. Download the Unpacked 360 View app from the Oculus Store and install. Launch app while wearing your Gear VR headset and then choose one position from the four viewing angles available.


SOURCE: Samsung