We have seen a few reports about this over the last few days and now it is becoming more official. Apparently the recently leaked Gingerbread 2.3 build for the HTC Thunderbolt has been causing some major issues and hard bricks for certain people. From what we are hearing the radio update in the leaked build has caused a overly large number of Thunderbolt users phones to go into an endless bootloop and currently rom builders like AndIRC have been unable to save these T-Bolts, or figure out what is causing the bricks. Has your Thunderbolt on Gingerbread bricked?

Users are being told to not take this lightly and that some have ran Gingerbread fine all week and suddenly the phone bootloops and bricks. Something is going on and developers from XDA are looking into the matter. They are suggesting everyone restores to a FroYo nandroid backup, or flash back to a Android 2.2 build for the time being. I know it is a shame to have to revert to the older version of Android, but rooting and flashing roms are not covered under warranty so if your Thunderbolt bricks Verizon or HTC can both refuse to replace the device (if they figure it out).

Please note that CyanogenMod 7 users are NOT affected by this issue. Anyone running a version of CM7 on the Thunderbolt does not need to change anything as CM7 Thunderbolt build is using the older FroYo radio and is not having the above issues. So basically for any Gingerbread rom, or any rom running the new leaked gingerbread radio for the Thunderbolt this could potentially cause issues and everyone is being advised to revert to FroYo. For more information regarding this head over to the XDA portals and Thunderbolt threads to get any questions answered.

[via XDA Developers]