Hi-tech and digital shopping doesn’t end in using your credit cards, PayPal, or those other mobile payment services. There are several apps that have proven to be useful the past few years but we know this process can still be improved. Apart from the likes of Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, or Android Pay being enhanced and getting more features, there are company-specific apps that aim to make shopping easier, faster, and more convenient. No, it’s nothing like the drone-assisted Amazon Prime Air but just this Scan & Go app for shopping at Walmart.

There’s he Walmart Pay already announced in December 2015 and rolled out during the second half of 2016. This time, Walmart is allowing shoppers to just scan their items on the smartphones, pay, and then go. The app is still in its beta testing phase at Walmart No. 5260. It’s only one store located in Rogers, Arkansas.

The retail giant seems to be serious in going digital. This will benefit not only the consumers but also the employees as their work load will be reduced. As for the shoppers, standing in line will no longer be a problem because you may not have to do that anymore. Actually, iPhone owners have been using the app but it’s only now the Android community is getting it.

The idea is for the shopper to scan the UPC code of an item, put it inside your basket or cart, shop for more, and then pay via the mobile app. An electronic receipt will then be sent to you. Once you’re done, show the receipt to a Walmart employee or guard, smile, and then you’re out. Shopping is over!

It seems to good to be true because it requires honesty but of course, we know you will never shortchange Walmart. Remember: Honestly is the Best Policy.

This app will require you to do extra work though, scan each item’s barcode while you shop. Every time you get an item, scan right away. The running total of the products inside your cart or basket will be shown. Check out to finally pay for all the items.

Download Walmart Scan & Go from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Walmart