Just before 2015 ended, Walmart announced its new mobile payment system. Aptly called the Walmart Pay, the mobile payment service is said to be another convenient way for consumers to do cashless shopping and finish payment transactions in the most convenient way. Thousands of Walmart stores all over the United Stores are now able to accept mobile payments.

Walmart Pay is an app that runs on any Android or iOS phone. You only need to download the app for it to work. Create an account and pair your debit or credit card. You can start shopping and checkout by paying using your smartphone. The advantage of this mobile payment service is that you can use your iOS or Android device. So whether you have an iPhone, a Samsung phone, or any other Android smartphone, you can use Walmart Pay. Your only limit is well, your credit or debit limit.

Ever since its launch, Walmart Pay app usage and transactions have increased by 45% in the last week. Majority of the customers said they would recommend the app because it is convenient, safe, secure, and also fast.

You can also use the app while shopping on Walmart.com. You’ll experience a faster checkout not only online but especially in stores. The app also lets you make a list of items you need to buy, faster pickup, special locations, and ind locations, in-store inventory, aisle locations, and store hours.

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