How affordable is an affordable phone? Less than a hundred dollars? $50? We know of some smartphones that can be purchased at low prices but nothing compared to this $10 unit at Walmart. It’s actually a Tracfone from LG–the same series that launched a couple of years ago. That means the phone runs an older version of Android but still good enough to run the most useful mobile apps that a person needs.

Walmart is currently selling this $9.82 smartphone online. If your total order costs at least $50, shipping will be free. For that price, this may be perhaps the cheapest Android phone that is sold by a retail store.

As with any Android devices, this TracFone provides you access to the Google Play Store to download as many apps that can fit the 4GB microSD card. Other specs include 3.8-inch touchscreen display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 3MP camera (no rear cam), Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, proximity sensor, and an MP3 player. Phone only runs Android 4.4 (KitKat) out of the box.

Features are not that impressive but they’re even better than what the old iPhone had when it first launched. Not that it matters now but we can say there’s a ten-dollar Android phone that beats the iPhone. Of course, that kind of review may deem useless in this time that high-specced smartphones can be categorized within mid-range if we are to look at the price tags. But really, for that price, it’s such a great deal.

If you can be lucky to still buy a few units, you can give them as holiday presents and finally say, “I gave away smartphones for Christmas”. Sadly, item is already out of stock but you can always get in-stock alert for updates if and when the TracFone is available.

VIA: Motherboard