For those who still use TracFone we have some good news to report regarding upcoming smartphone options on the carrier. TracFone, one of the nations largest prepaid wireless options is about to get what appears to be 4 new Android smartphones from the folks at LG. The details were leaked earlier today but we’re still looking for the full rundown.

The popular leakster @evleaks has just confirmed that four entry level and mid-range smartphones will be headed to TracFone, they all run Android (sadly some are Gingerbread) and are all being made by LG. The image above reveals four different handsets, but we don’t have details on each specific device.

For now the details are still extremely light and all we have is the image above as well as the names of the smartphones. They appear to be about 3.5-inches in size up to 4.0-inches, but that can’t be confirmed. What we do know are names. Clockwise, from top left: Optimus Dynamic, Optimus Extreme, Optimus Quest, and Optimus Ultimate.

Most of TracFone’s current devices are quite weak, many aren’t even smartphones, but recently they’ve received attention for carrying the iPhone on Straight Talk in select regions. Now Straight Talk has the iPhone, and TracFone will be getting 4 improved smartphones from LG. We’ll update when we learn more details and specs for these devices.

[via 9to5Google]