Just the other day we reported on rumors of the T-Mobile G1 coming to Wal-Mart and a lot of people were surprisingly mad about it although the device will be getting a lot more recognition. The rumors are true with the exception of the date that it will hit shelves.

The device will be on sale a lot sooner than expected, Wednesday morning the G1 will be available at a discount. The price has been confirmed at $148.88, which is over $30 cheaper. The G1 will blow many of the Wal-Mart’s current phone lineup out of the water. The question is, will this help or hurt T-Mobile?

Any cell phone enthusiast will not be very happy about this decision, especially with the G1 being the first phone to run Android. Many of our users are either very angry about the decision or cracking jokes at the thought of it. Either way this will bring the T-Mobile G1 to a larger market and will help with the one-stop Christmas shopping this year. There may be more of a chance to get a G1 in areas where there is a shortage of devices. We want to know what you think about T-Mobile’s decision to allow Wal-Mart to sell this phone.

Photo courtesy of Android Community member heyitsnan.

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