Vuzix began showing off their Google Glass competitor back in November. At the time they offered some details in terms of the glasses, mainly covering the specs and the fact that they would eventually be opening them up for developers. Simply put, Vuzix was planning to release an SDK that allowed to developers to create apps for the glasses. And well, Vuzix has released the beginning stages of the SDK today.

According to details coming from Vuzix, this release is Phase 1 and it will provide developers with the software required to start writing code using the PC emulator for Android. With this bit of the SDK available, developers will be able to begin writing as well as testing their apps.

The SDK will be available for new developers as well as those who were pre-registered and can be found in the Vuzix developer center at As part of the developer program, those involved will be able to get support, technical advice and regular updates as well as early access to the M100 smart glasses. Further details from Vuzix notes that the M100 SDK will be available in a Gold and Silver version and that these will be delivered in stages and include frequent updates.

Otherwise, developers and the SDK aside, the M100 smart glasses will be running Android and feature a built-in color display, integrated head tracker and GPS as well as a camera that will allow for the capture of still images and video. When the M100 smart glasses were originally announced, Vuzix had said that they would feature a WQVGA display with a 16:9 aspect ratio that gave the impression looking at a 4-inch display from 14-inches.

And while we have yet to see any public release date for the M100 smart glasses, Vuzix will have them on display during CES.


  1. Yeah I signed up as a dev and so far its just a regular android emulator with some image of the prototype on the right that you can click buttons to go back and vol etc. Otherwise it’s like normal, the screen is touch screen with mouse clicks, which doesn’t make sense when worn as a smart glass and their is no docs whatsoever on how to use the camera or any other controls in your apps. Pretty lame really, very disappointed I hope they release more info soon because otherwise it’s pretty useless unless you want to develop standard phone touch apps.. Also no docs or developer forum to share experiences. Starting to smell like a scam but I guess I’ll wait and see..


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