Vudu, the media streaming service owned by WalMart, is being updated to support Chromecast. This comes a few weeks after Google released the SDK for Chromecast, which many assumed would create a flood of apps supporting the utility. We only hope Vudu is the first.

Via their website, Vudu announced they’d update their app for both iOS and Android. Unfortunately, there was no timetable given. We wouldn’t expect it to drag on too long, though. For fans of streaming media, Vudu is a great service with a decent library and appropriate pricing.

Sadly, it’s also one of many services we have to cobble together to make up for the lack of Amazon’s media being available for our Android devices — and Chromecast. We like Vudu for a variety of reasons, and Chromecast support should help more people find the service a go-to. It also has some glaring issues.

The library is easily one of the better features here, as Vudu often has newer movies as quickly as any other service. Device support seems to dog the service, though, as a 3.9 Play Store rating is due in large part to that oversight. Videos often play back is standard definition, and the interface is dated. If you need a serviceable media app that you can stream to your Chromecast from, Vudu could still be your answer in spite of those annoyances.