VSCO Cam touts itself as being “the standard of mobile photography” and as of tomorrow, Android users will be able to put that to the test. The app had long been available only for iOS, though, the team behind the app did confirm an Android app was in the works. That confirmation came several months back, but again, the app is expected to arrive in the Play Store as of tomorrow, December 3rd.

The details have been shared on the VSCO company blog where they have said that “after many long nights and large amounts of caffeine, the highly-anticipated VSCO Cam for Android will be released tomorrow.” The app will be arriving with support for “most” Android devices running 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later. There wasn’t anything more specific in terms of device support, however there was word of the app coming for free.

Well, specifically, VSCO Cam will be available for free and with additional in-app purchases. According to details coming from the announcement post, VSCO Cam will be “well-equipped to aid you in creating beautiful images.” More to the point, the app will bring “10 Presets and an array of editing Tools.” Anything extra will come down to those previously mentioned in-app purchases.

Further details here point towards those including additional Preset Packs and Tools that are “tailored for specific situations and aesthetics.” While that certainly leaves room for interpretation, it seems we will have those answers as of tomorrow when VCSO Cam arrives in the Play Store.