Vivo TOF 3D Sensing Technology

With its recent releases and introductions, we like to think Vivo definitely wants to become one of the best in the mobile industry. We’re close to considering the Chinese OEM as another game changer-slash-trendsetter because of the innovative products and ideas we’re learning. It started with the under-display fingerprint sensor on the X20 Plus UD and the X21 UD. There’s also the Vivo APEX concept of a pop-up camera which is eventually implemented on the Vivo NEX.

We have yet to test the features and the limits of the said devices but we believe Vivo is setting new and innovative trends in the mobile game. The in-display fingerprint scanning tech alone proves it is ahead of Samsung in this area. The pop-up camera of the VIVO APEX and VIVO NEX eliminates the need for a notch and has allowed the almost bezel-less display. It’s not fully bezel-less yet but we can see the efforts of Vivo in actually implementing new technologies.

This time, Vivo is pioneering another technology we only know as TOF 3D Sensing tech. The TOF refers to Time-of-Flight that challenges Apple ID. This Vivo TOF isn’t just a concept. It’s already a working tech that’s being shown off at the MWC Shanghai 2018 this week. This hopes to change ideas in imaging, AR, as well as, human interaction. It delivers new smart capabilities and raises the levels of immersion, introducing advancements in consumer lifestyles.

Vivo is the first to make this TOF 3D Sensing Technology. It’s able to do many things like detect time of emitted pulse light to return to the sensor, map objects up to three meters more accurately, and allow new opportunities for augmented reality, 3D photography, and facial-gesture-motion recognition. The future mobile devices may be smarter than ever with this feature.

According to Vivo, this is the highest resolution 3D sensing tech in the industry today. There are about 300,000 sensor points so 3D mapping may be more accurate than ever and better compared to Structured Light.



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