Humble Bundle continues to bring you games on the cheap. Although we think they’ve reneged a little bit on their famous “pay what you want for a bundle of games” offer, you can’t deny that the goodies they include in their bundles are still darned cheap. And props to these guys, the bulk of the money made from Humble Bundles goes to charity, so keep buying these bundles, y’all.

This time, Humble Bundle is featuring games made in France with “Vive La Humble Mobile Bundle”. Pay USD$1.00 or more and you get these: Mechanic Escape – an exciting platformer, Pang Adventures – a collection of arcade games, and Unworded – a unique narrative word puzzle.

Pay more than the average – which is at USD$4.73 at time of writing – and you get the games mentioned above, and these as well: Out There: Omega Edition, Sanitarium, and OK Golf. If you pay USD$5.00 or more, you get all the games mentioned above plus three more: Gobliiins Trilogy, A Normal Lost Phone, and Dungeon Rushers.

All in all, these games would normally cost you around USD$42.00, but you can get them all by spending as low as USD$5.00. Not only that, you can get to pick which charity your money goes to. Check out the source link to purchase the bundle.

SOURCE: Humble Bundle