It’s true, JLo has her own retail store where she’ll be selling smartphones in a joint venture with Verizon Wireless. You can also expect to find fashionable accessories and all types of goodness at her new Brooklyn location. Last month at CTIA Verizon had a big announcement (it wasn’t the HTC One) and surprised us all by announcing Viva Movil – a wireless carrier for Latinos. We have more details on the new shop below.

Jennifer Lopez took the stage and talked about the Latino community, smartphones, Verizon Wireless, and for those who missed it, cases in pretty colors. Essentially this will be a Verizon Wireless co-branded “premium outlet” for smartphones and fashionable colorful cases and accessories. At the same time they’ll cater to the Latino population.

To be honest I find it a bit surprising, and not all that exciting, but what do I know. This week the newly announced company confirmed their first retail store (of what we’re hearing will be many) has opened late Tuesday in New York. Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn will be the place to head if you’re a Latino looking for a wireless provider.

Of course the staff will be friendly and bilingual, allowing them to speak with customers in English or Spanish. They have smartphones and tablets ranging from Android, Nokia, and even the iPhone. There’s also a kid zone so those momma’s can drop off their kids and decide what plan and phone is right for them without distractions.

You can head to the Brooklyn location or shop at their online store full of pretty JLo accessories, as well as accessories and cases from all the other big manufacturers like Samsung. More stores are coming soon so stay tuned if you aren’t near this newest shop. Who’s interested in Viva Movil?