We’re not really fans of tennis as a sport but we know any gamer would love to try this retro game ported to Android. ‘Virtua Tennis Challenge’ is just one of the many classic games Sega is offering the new generation of gamers. What’s good about SEGA Forever is that the games are made available for free. We’ve listed a few games a couple of weeks back but we’re expecting more will be included in the lineup.

You may not like the sport but it can be fun to watch. With the old 3D graphics, you will be amazed how gaming and computer graphics have developed in the past two decades. The tennis mobile game features tactical controls and realistic gameplay. Well, graphics aren’t as fluid as the games today but it’s fun to look back at how SEGA started in the industry.

Just like in the old days, you will compete in 18 stadiums against 50 players. Take note of the style of your players and play in different courts through different modes.

Virtua Tennis Challenge is one of the latest titles from the SEGA Forever classic games collection. You may start downloading the game now, as well as, the other classic games you’ll see on the list.

Download Virtua Tennis Challenge from the Google Play Store