Vine pumped out a few app updates since we saw video come to Instagram and it looks like the app is now going after another group of users. This latest Vine related news hasn’t brought any mention of new features but instead the app is now available for those sporting a Kindle Fire. Simply put, the Vine app has made entry into the Amazon Appstore.

Similar to the version in the Play Store, Vine is available for free in the Amazon Appstore. The app is sitting at version 1.2.0 and it will be taking advantage of the front-facing camera on the Kindle Fire. That being said, we suspect this move into the Amazon Appstore had to wait until now given this front-facing camera support only recently arrived.

While the Vine app may be entirely new for some Kindle Fire users, the v1.2.0 update also brought some other changes and improvements as compared to earlier versions of the app. That update also added a new upload manager for unsubmitted posts as well as some overall speed improvements.

Otherwise, there were also some improvements to the settings and to the camera loading time as well as some smaller UI improvements and unspecified bug fixes. Bottom line, Vine v1.2.0 arrived as a rather welcomed update and if nothing else, it made it possible to take 6-second looping selfie videos a bit easier.

Based on the comments in the Amazon Appstore it looks like there are some mixed feelings about the app. Some of the commenters seem super happy the app finally arrived and others are complaining about frequent crashing. That said, if you happen to be using (or trying to use) Vine on a Kindle Fire — we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: Amazon