The Vine Android app has once again been updated. This update means the Vine team has now rolled-out a few since we saw Instagram add video. It is looking like the competition has spurred something with Vine, which up until recently had been somewhat lacking on Android. That said, the Vine team is touting this update as the biggest yet with new capture tools, a widget and more.

The portion that deals with the new capture tools includes options to add a grid, ghost tools and a new focus. The widget is simple and to the point. Simply put, the widget will allow you to launch Vine directly to the capture screen so you can go from your homescreen to recording with a few less quicks. Another smaller, but welcomed item was the addition of a mute button.

Those using Vine on Android will now be able to tap the menu button and mute the audio. There were also some other (unspecified) performance improvements that arrived with this most recent update. Finally, the Vine team also brought what they are calling Channels and ReVining.

These both basically deal with sharing. The channels option will allow you to submit your posts to 15 new channels. Alternatively, you can also simply browse the channels. The ReVining is another way of sharing. This one will allow you to easily share your favorite posts with those following you on Vine.

Take this update along with the few we have seen over the previous weeks and it looks like the Vine app is really shaping up. Those previous updates added support for the front-facing camera as well as options to share to Facebook, the ability to search for users and hashtags and also clear the cache in the settings. With that, given these recent updates it may be time we revisit our earlier five reasons why Instagram Video is better than Vine post.

SOURCE: Google Play Store