All the way back in February of this year, 2011, that being basically 2 months ago already – man how the time flies, we were told by Dell that they’d be releasing a lovely 10-inch tablet that’d feature Windows 7. The release date was not given at the time, but now a “company source” has spoken with Forbes on the matter and has noted that a Fall 2011 release is basically a sure shot.

This source also appears to have noted that September is the earliest this 10-inch whallop of a device will be released. This is sure to pump up the hoards of Windows fans looking for that bridge between laptop and mobile, Dell having hinted at a device like this since back in October of 2010. Of course, they’ve already got some choices from HP and Asus, but it’s Dell! Some people swear by such a brand name in their Windows electronics.

Or perhaps they ought to wait for Windows 8, which as you know is said to be suited for tablets as well as desktop machines – this may be an early 2012 affair, with Dell again hoping to release another new tablet at about that time. Of course, all this might be moot if BlueStacks has their way – Android support on Windows 7 tablets? Sounds pretty wild to me.

[via Forbes]