We’ve all seen the ViewSonic ViewPad 7x and ViewPad 7e – and now we have some special hands-on treatment for the ViewPad 10pro. We previously believed the 10pro would be dual booting Android 2.2 and Windows 7. However, what makes this slate special is that it doesn’t natively run Android OS. Through the help of BlueStacks, Android applications run seamlessly over Windows 7. Take a closer look below to view the BlueStacks integration as well as some recent UI enhancements made for the 7e and 7x.

We were live at the official launch at Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular 2011 to see these three tablets up close and personal. Earlier this year at Mobile World Congress 2011, we were able to catch a glimpse of the ViewPad 10pro, but mistook BlueStacks integration for dual-booting. Though these launched internationally on the first of September, Chris Burns appears in the the US launch clip below.

[vms f98fd178a9defd0efa07]

As you can see, the 10pro can switch from Android to Windows 7 extremely quickly. BlueStacks was previously explained in great detail earlier this year, and from the looks of it we’ll be seeing this software implemented into future Windows 7 slates. Android applications seem to run great on the ViewPad 10pro’s Intel Atom Z670. Remember, 2GB of RAM were included in this tab so it shouldn’t be too sluggish when multitasking. For full specifications, check out our post from earlier this month.

The two 7″ ViewPad 7x and 7e were both running the SPB Shell 3D homescreen replacement application in the video demonstration; if this home replacement looks like something you would want running on your own device, it has been available for download in the Android Market. Though the 7x and 7e are not yet available in the US, they will be very soon.


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