ViewSonic has pushed out a firmware update for the GTab, which adds Adobe Flash support among other things. The new software – available as an OTA update – also adds to the GTab’s productivity abilities, as it throws USB keyboard and mouse support onto the Android slate.

There’s also support for an external docking station, the addition of new international cities in the Weather app, and a few new languages supported.

The OTA update should be automatically offered in the notification area. Meanwhile, if you’re more into raw speed then it’s worth checking out the 1.4GHz/1.6GHz overclock we wrote about yesterday.

[Thanks n900mixalot!]

Press Release:

gTablet Software Update April 14, 2011

A software update has been released and is available by Over-the-Air (OTA) update. Highlights of the upgraded software include:

Adobe Flash support
External docking station support
USB keyboard and mouse support
International cities available in Weather
Spanish and French language support
Energy saving screen lock
A notification will appear next time you reboot or power on the GTablet. Simply tap the icon in the notification area to proceed. The update will download and install automatically. To install the update manually, select the Updates icon from the program launcher.



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