A couple weeks back when the Verzo Kinzo debuted the device was overpriced for the feature set by most accounts. It seems that Verzo got an ear full from the consumers out there shopping for a new phone over the price and the lackluster hardware. Verzo is back with a new video explaining that they have heard the complaints and are chopping the price and offering two Kinzo models for shoppers to choose from.

The two models are the Kinzo and the Kinzo Plus GPS. The original price for the Kinzo was $459 and most agreed that for the hardware the cost was too high. Verzo is now going to sell the basic Kinzo for a more palatable $349 for a bit over a $100 discount. The Kinzo Plus GPS will sell for $384, still cheaper than the original device.

There will be a few folks out there that purchased the Kinzo at the original price that won’t appreciate this announcement at all. The good news is that if you bought one of the smartphones Verzo will refund you the difference in the price between what you paid and the new lower prices. Check out the video below to see the official Verzo statement.

[via SlashGear]