The DROID 4 and buy one, get one free deals on the DROID RAZR aren’t the only thing that’s hitting Verizon Wireless soon. The company has brought back its incredibly popular Double Data Deal, allowing new and recurring customers to get twice the data caps on smartphone data plans starting Friday, February 10th. That means the $30 2GB plan is bumped up to 4GB, the $50 5GB plan goes up to 10GB, and the $80 10GB plan will be 20GB. The plans last for the lifetime of your Verizon account and are equally valid on 4G LTE and 3G, but unfortunately can’t be applied to MiFi-dstyle hotspot devices.

In addition to the double data deal, new smartphone users can trade in their old “feature phones” for $30 credit. If you’re in the market for a 4G LTE tablet, you can get $100 off if you purchase it with any new Verizon phone. Keep in mind that both will require separate data plans – rumors of shared plans for Verizon are, at the moment, just rumors. Verizon didn’t extrapolate on the fine print, but it’s almost certain that this promotion can’t be combined with the buy one get one free RAZR promotion.

There’s no word on when these deals will end, but when the original double data deal started in November, it lasted for two months. As nice as it is to see more liberal data limits from a major carrier, it seems like a very motivated move – there’s nothing that indicated a 20GB limit is taxing Verizon’s network, so why do we need a “special” to access it? Why isn’t there an unlimited option (say, for $100 a month) for those of us who truly need it? And why not extend these kindnesses to hotspot users, who really need the breathing room?

[via SlashGear]