Online advertising data gatherers, Chitika have published a follow up to research they conducted in March about the division of the Android market share among U.S. carriers. The data shows some interesting, but not all too surprising shifts over the past few months. Let’s take a look at how things have changed.

The original survey found Verizon to have over half the market, no doubt thanks to the likes of their enormously popular Droid line, sheer size, and lack of an iPhone. Since then Verizon’s launched several new LTE devices, but the Verizon iPhone has also been around for several months. What really caused Verizon to lose 10% of the market share, in my opinion at least was other carriers stepping up their game.

In the last few months, AT&T and regional carriers, such as Virgin Mobile and U.S. Cellular have shown a new commitment to Android. AT&T’s Motorola Atrix and Samsung Infuse are a couple of the 4G devices that it was desperately in need of at the start of this year. It hasn’t been enough to propel Ma Bell to the top, but it did more than double their previous, disheartening share of 3.583%.

While smaller regional carriers have usually been limited to older, or far less impressive phones, a few jewels have shown up. These phones, like the Motorola Triumph for Virgin Mobile and cheaper prices have made these other carriers more attractive. This all sounds good to me. I’ve always been one for consumer choice (I do love Android after all…)

[via Chitika]



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