If you happen to be carrying a Verizon handset without any sort of protection plan you now have an opportunity to get the coverage you need — even if you missed out on that initial availability window. Verizon Wireless along with Asurion are currently offering a second chance open enrollment and those looking to sign-up have until December 2nd to do so. This includes the Total Mobile Protection and Wireless Phone Protection options, both of which include device replacements.

The Total Mobile Protection (TMP) option is the higher priced of the two, but that also means it offers more in terms of plan features and support. This one is priced at $10 per month (per line). The Wireless Phone Protection (WPP) plan is $5.18 per month. And those looking to take advantage of the device replacements should know that a $99 deductible will also apply.

The TMP plan was just introduced a few weeks earlier, so it may sound familiar to some. In addition to the device replacements, this one also includes some security and support features.

The security features include the Verizon Support & Protection Premium app with McAfee protection against viruses and malware. The support is from the Verizon Tech Coaches and includes “unlimited help with your mobile device and everything it connects to.” This plan also offers the ability to remotely lock your handset, locate your handset and wipe the content.

Anyway, aside from the coverage there is some fine print that you may want to make note of. For example, the overnight shipping may not always be available for device replacements and you may not always get a new device back in return. According to Verizon, the replacement may be new or remanufactured and occasionally a different model may be used. And lastly, there is a limit of two device claims per year.

SOURCE: Verizon Wireless



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