Verizon has announced they will be launching a new “Total Mobile Protection” service plan this week. This plan will include a wide variety of options such as a premium level of tech support, to protection against malware and insurance to help cover the cost of a lost or stolen device. Verizon is pushing this as offering “peace of mind” and has it priced at $10 per month.

Beginning with the tech support option. Verizon describes this one as being a premium level of tech support. The support will be available through the Verizon Wireless Tech Coaches option and the premium aspect means you should experience shorter wait times. The support will be available for your device as well as for apps, cloud services and even for device integration with other technology such as a printer.

The device protection is done by way of the Verizon Mobile Security app which should help to protect against virus and malware. In addition, the Mobile Security app also offers the ability to remotely lock your handset, remotely locate your handset and remotely wipe the content. Basically, aside from the tech support option, Verizon appears to be offering protection for a device that is lost and/or stolen.

To further that thought, Big Red is also including insurance with the Total Mobile Protection plans. Verizon notes this plan includes insurance and also extends the manufacturer’s warranty and offers next day device replacement. And just to clarify, it was said that this can apply towards replacing your device for a variety of reasons to include it being lost, stolen or dropped in the bathtub.

SOURCE: Verizon Wireless


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