Sadly we recently learned that the Droid Bionic was delayed yet again and now it appears Verizon is going to start offering a few promotions to make users happy while they wait, but only if they buy a smartphone so that basically counts the Bionic crowd out of this one.

A new promotion has just kicked off and Verizon will be offering $50 dollars off of a tablet purchase when users buy a new smartphone (and 2 year plan). This deal is only for 3G/4G tablets that are “connected” so Wi-Fi models aren’t a part of the deal. Starting today it will go through the end of August, so users that have been considering a new Android tablet and phone both could save a few bucks if they go this route.

This promotion is available for all new customers as well as current customers, they are even allowing employee’s to join in on the savings. Personally I’d be waiting for the Galaxy S II to hit Verizon and I’d snag it and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G LTE at the same time, that is one awesome duo. We don’t know if the $50 off is only for an on-contract tablet as well, or if you can use it and just buy the “connected” tab outright. A discount is a discount though right?

[via SlashGear]