Data breach isn’t normal but it is recently becoming a common occurrence even to big companies. The last big one we remember was the security breach on 1 billion Yahoo accounts in 2016. For this year, we told you about that Quiz app Wishbone data hack. This time, it’s Verizon and an unknown number of subscribers. We didn’t hear about this breach from Verizon but from UpGuard researchers who reported on this data leak that exposed personal information of customers. A bit of good news though, it wasn’t Verizon’s fault.

This particular leak is similar to what happened recently. The RNC leak had some voter information available for everyone. As for Verizon, customer information like name, general data, and phone number were leaked in an online repository. This means anyone can access the data anytime.

According to UpGuard, calls to the customer service made between January until June 22, 2017, were logged and the data were posted by NICE Systems, a third-party partner of Verizon. PIN numbers were not posted but some are believed to have been published.

If you are a Verizon subscriber, we suggest you check your account or maybe change PIN to be safe. Both companies, NICE and Verizon, are already working to secure data of the estimated 14 million customers or just the six million as per the mobile carrier. Ideally, there’s nothing to worry about but we’re crossing our fingers no major subscriber data or account will be compromised after this leak.

VIA: SlashGear