From the moment we surfed the web over Verizon’s 4G LTE blazing speeds, we honestly couldn’t fathom a way to improve the experience. But then again, Verizon had already known their next step after 4G LTE expansion – incorporating Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) services. They had planned VoLTE way back in MWC of last year.

The big news is that Verizon has already started testing a couple cities now with the new service, and these two should be ready for primetime early-on in 2013. They have done an excellent job rolling out their 4G LTE into the popular cities, and haven’t seemed to slow down at all. There is no reason to doubt their ability to do the same for VoLTE.

Official words from a Verizon spokeswoman let us know that they’re “continuing to work on VoLTE and the services it brings, and will share any launch or availability plans in due course”. For such a feature, I’m sure they’ll want to communicate their progress as soon as it is available. As every other carrier falls further behind Verizon’s benchmarks – will they ever be able to catch up?

[via Lightreading]