For the continually moving target that is the Nexus Prime, there’s at least one possible new release date. A forum member claiming to be a Verizon insider says that the next Android superphone will be announced on November 3rd along with Ice Cream Sandwich. The informant is anonymous, so as always, take the info with a grain of salt.

The source goes on to let out some juicy details about the Motorola Droid RAZR, a phone which we’ve seen and heard very little of compared to the Nexus Prime. He says that both phones are on hand at Verizon and that between the two of them, the Samsung Nexus Prime wins out on the strength of its 720p screen and brand-spankin-new Ice Cream Sandwich software. In the RAZR’s favor it’s “very fast, smooth, and has a great battery life.” According to the informant, the RAZR will be the phone that the DROID BIONIC should have been. Naturally, the informant doesn’t mention the possible FCC sighting of the Nexus Prime with AT&T and T-Mobile radio bands.

Android fans (and bloggers) were shocked Friday morning then the much-anticipated Samsung Unbox Event had been moved from CTIA to a time and place unknown. This was even more disappointing so soon after Samsung’s teaser video, which showed us a first glimpse of what is almost certainly the Nexus Prime / Galaxy Nexus. It was later confirmed that the event has been delayed due to the death of Steve Jobs. The rumor mill has been working double shifts to keep up with all the leaks and speculation ever since. A possible reschedule date of October 27th was rumored, but that seems less and less likely as time goes on.


  1. I’m not sure who is more retarded, the person who posted “recheduled” on this article, or all the morons who tweeted it being “recheduled”. Is everyone stupid nowadays?


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