It’s been barely two weeks since Samsung unveiled its gigantic “prosumer” tablet, but the the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO has already been spotted making its way through the Bluetooth SIG and FCC. While this doesn’t give us a definite timetable, its presence at these certification bodies tell us that it could be any time soon.

As expected after a round of rumors, Samsung announced two very large tablets at CES 2014. The NotePRO and the TabPRO, both 12.2 inches along the diagonal, represents the company’s foray into a somewhat artificially created tablet market segment. Since there is an over abundance of targets in the 10.1-inch and below range, Samsung has chosen put out even larger tablets, targeted at users that will supposedly be using these more professionally than most.


Samsung hasn’t actually announced yet the availability details for this huge S-Pen powered tablet. Now we have indications of one model that is supposedly headed for Verizon, at least based on the SM-P905V model number, usually denoting devices for the carrier. This is further implied by the FCC filing’s indication of LTE Band 3 and Band 4 support, Verizon’s LTE bands, as well as the Bluetooth SIG entry noting that the device is headed for North America.


That the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO is coming to the US and to Verizon is nothing surprising. But it remains to be seen whether this new breed of tablets, and the new class of users and needs that it will supposedly address, will catch on to become a profitable market.

VIA: phoneArena


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