Verizon Ready For

Verizon has just introduced a new platform to help consumers experience a more robust connection. In a world where going mobile is more in demand than ever, it is important that we have a network to rely on. It depends on where you live. In the US, Verizon is always ready to offer improved experiences with a platform as versatile as Ready For. It’s a new service that goes beyond the traditional mobile experience. For this, Motorola will go ahead of the competition by launching the Edge+ with Ready For on Verizon.

With Verizon Ready For, gaming on the Motorola Edge+ can be more exciting and immersive. The fast processor of the edge+ complements Verizon’s fast network. It will mainly benefit the mobile gamers and even those that prefer console gaming.

The Motorola Edge+ can be connected to an external display. This way, you can have a bigger view of the things you see on the smartphone. Ready For is a new platform that offers quick access to things important to you. The TV launcher can show your favorite entertainment and apps at a quick glance.

Ready For features a dashboard that is easy to read and understand. It works with most displays or TVs. You don’t even need a smart TV for it to work. You need a compatible phone and a Ready For Dock. The special docking station can hold your device in landscape or portrait mode. This one though will come later on beginning April 19.

At the moment, Ready For is ready Verizon Motorola edge+ users in the United States. It will come via an update that also includes Android 11. The new version brings enhanced privacy settings, better ways to manage conversations, new and improved device controls, among others.


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