With well over 700,000 Android apps available from the Google Play Store, deciding what to install and use can sometimes be a bit daunting. We’ve seen our share of “top Android apps” lists in the past and even have plenty of our own suggestions, but today none other than Verizon themselves have put together a nice collection. Read on to see Verizon’s top 20.

Yes, Verizon Wireless has put together a list of what they consider to be the top 20 Android apps. Not in regards to downloads or active users, but just overall their top 20 apps for any smartphone or tablet. I was expecting to see some Amazon apps (since we know they have a partnership and bundle their apps) or tons of Verizon’s own apps that are nothing but bloatware. This list however, had no such things.

When I started reading Verizon’s list and seeing things like Evernote, Dropbox, ESPN, followed by Flipboard I knew we were in for something good. Yup, those all made Verizon’s top 20 list. They included AppLuvr, eBay, Jetpack Joyride, Endomondo Sports Tracker, Instagram, Netflix, Pandora Radio and even Tango. These are all pretty useful apps folks.

My first thought was wow, that’s actually a pretty decent list for a carrier to come up with and offer the public. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. I actually have 10 of the 20 apps Verizon picked installed and are used on at least a weekly basis, so I’d have to agree this is a pretty good list. Now for those wanting a little fun check out our own 10 Awesome Live Wallpapers post.

[via Verizon]