Following up on some recent rumors and leaks, Verizon Wireless has confirmed the upcoming availability of the Nexus 7 tablet. And as was rumored, the tablet will indeed be available shortly. Verizon has said the tablet will be available beginning on February 13th.

Verizon will have the Nexus 7 priced the same as the Play Store — at $349.99. This is the black model with LTE connectivity and 32GB of internal storage space. That price is without contract, however Verizon does have an option for those willing to make a two-year commitment.

Those going that route will get a hundred dollar discount — and pay $249.99. It is hard to argue with a hundred dollar savings, however given we are talking about the 2013-model Nexus 7, which has been available for several months now — we think the no-contract price may be the smarter option.

Otherwise, there is also a bit of good news for those who already have an LTE Nexus 7 and were not able to activate it with Verizon. The carrier has said a software update will be available, and once that has been downloaded and installed you will be able to move forward with activation. That all said, regardless of whether you purchased your tablet in the past, or plan to do so on February 13 — that can be added to an existing Share Everything plan for an additional $10 per month.

Along with the tablet itself, Verizon will also have some case options. These include the Adopted Folio Frame or Speck StyleFolio, which will be selling for $49.99 or $34.99 respectively. The Adopted Folio Frame will be sold in black or red, and the Speck case will be available in black, blue or pink.

SOURCE: Verizon Wireless