The Nexus 7 isn’t quite as brand new at this point in time, however it looks like Verizon Wireless is going to make good on the promise of getting it certified and in the available lineup. Perhaps more exciting for those who have been waiting and hoping, it seems this may be happening fairly soon. Unconfirmed reports are telling the story of a launch the could happen late-next week.

Details here are being provided Droid-Life, citing sources of their own. There wasn’t anything along the lines of a screenshot provided as evidence, however they are reporting a launch date of February 13th. Or more specifically, “most likely February 13.” We’ll be on the lookout for an official confirmation from Big Red.

While we suspect Verizon will still be able to sell plenty of LTE capable Nexus 7 models, we cannot help but think this is also somewhat of a “too little too late” situation. Granted, the tablet is less than a year old, and it will still work just fine — but the rumors are already beginning for the next-generation Nexus tablet.

There has been some talk of a Nexus 8, not to mention the bit we saw about HTC. Recent reports coming out of Taiwan are suggesting that HTC will be producing a Nexus branded tablet. There wasn’t much in the way of specifics, and speculation was suggesting the tablet would be the 2014 model Nexus 7. The one bit mentioned was the tablet was going to be “high-end.”