Coming as Verizon announced earlier in the week, the Nexus 7 is now available for purchase. Those looking to pick up a Verizon supported Nexus 7 have a few price options to consider. The tablet can be found online direct from Verizon Wireless and they have a two-year agreement and contract-free option available.

Similar to the LTE Nexus 7 we had been seeing from the Play Store, the model available from Verizon Wireless is black in color, and has 32GB of internal storage space. As for that pricing, expect to pay $249.99 on a two-year agreement, or $349.99 with no agreement. For reference, the $349.99 price point is the same as buying direct from the Play Store.

While not the newest tablet on the market at this point, the Nexus 7 does have a solid set of specs. We would be a bit hesitant to suggest anyone pick this up on a two-year agreement considering the amount of time it took Verizon to have it certified and make it available. That said, regardless of which option you choose in terms of buying the tablet, the monthly service price will be the same.

Verizon users will be able to add the Nexus 7 to an existing Share Everything plan. That essentially means paying an additional $10 per month with the ability to share the your current pool of data. Also, as Verizon had mentioned earlier in the week, they have a variety of Nexus 7 accessories including some case options, a screen protector, and even the Chromecast.