HTC hasn’t been known for high-quality tablets. In the past we have seen models such as the Flyer and Jetstream, and while neither of those are all that new, there is some talk suggesting HTC may have a tablet in the works. Details are coming by way of Focus Taiwan, who are reporting a possible connection with Google and the Nexus line.

In this case the report mentions how HTC will be releasing a “high-end” tablet later in the year. Details of the story point to how HTC will be releasing this with Google, specifically for the Nexus lineup. There wasn’t anything mentioned in terms of display size, however speculation suggests HTC will be producing the 2014 model Nexus 7.

HTC did not offer anything in terms of a confirmation or denial. Instead, an HTC spokesperson touched on how they do not comment on rumors and speculation. Nothing surprising in that respect. Assuming the rumor is accurate, it should be interesting to see what HTC can do with a Nexus branded tablet.

Otherwise, while much of the HTC related rumors have been focused on the M8 smartphone, there has also been some talk about wearables. HTC CFO Chang Chialin recently spoke about a smartwatch. Given the recent rash of smartwatch options already, some many be more interested in the M8, to which, the leaks have been increasing in frequency lately. There has been spec related leaks, and even a few containing images.

VIA: G4Games



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