If you spent a huge amount of time on the Internet just looking for cute puppy videos, then you probably should check out this new ad from Verizon to show off the latest LG G5 and all the LG Friends. But aside from ooohhhing and aaaahhing over all these cute puppies, you may also cringe at the thought of all the drool and pawing over expensive devices because they have been tasked to unbox all these LG goodies that are now available with the carrier.

Samsung does not have the monopoly of animals unboxing gadgets when they had a llama (of all animals) unbox their new flagship, the Galaxy S7. They even had it “paint” what it saw. This time around, Verizon probably thought that more people would watch an unboxing video if there were cute puppies involved. And so they had two cuddly creatures open up the LG G5 which they say have features that puppies love. Well, truth be told, puppies are not that discriminating and as long as they can paw and drool over something, they love it.

Then to up the cute factor, they got all of the puppies’ friends into the picture to introduce the LG Friends, which are accessories that you can use with the LG G5. You have the LG Tone Platinum headphones, LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE, LG Cam Plus, LG 360 Cam among others. Of course these friends are sold separately from the smartphone itself with its unique, modular design.

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You can now get the LG G5 through Verizon for $26 per month for 24 months or at a retail price of $624. For a limited time, you also get a free battery and battery cradle worth $80 if you get the newest flagship from LG.



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