We have no idea what a llama has to do with anything they will be unveiling next week, but it looks like Samsung has actually asked the pack animal to be one of the first non-Samsung people to see the new flagship device that they will be announcing next week. Yes, we do mean an actual live, breathing llama named Kuzko (points for the Emperor’s New Groove reference) literally unboxed #TheNextGalaxy (which is probably the Galaxy S7, if we follow the naming tradition).

This is part of their Seven Days of Unboxing countdown campaign until the big reveal happening just before the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But if you think that a llama being led into a huge container to unbox a smartphone is weird enough, what happens next makes it even more surreal and abstract. Don’t worry, this isn’t a clickbait article, we will actually tell you what happens next.

So after the unboxing, the llama is led out to a canvas, given a paint brush (of course it can only be held by its mouth) and then they let it run wild (not literally) on the canvas, asking it to draw what it saw. The result is an abstract work of art or just random paint splashed onto a canvas, depending on how you look at it. Well, if you sell it at an art gallery, it might even attract buyers.

Again, we have no idea if doing a llama to do the unboxing is a stroke of genius, an attempt to plumb the depths of absurdity or just a corny gimmick. We’ll wait and see what #TheNextGalaxy unveil will reveal before judging this ad. In the meantime, we’ll watch a certain animated llama on Netflix.