Verizon Wireless Device Data Plans

Verizon may be offering old, grandfathered unlimited data plans a $20 increase on monthly bill but the mobile carrier has great news for new and loyal prepaid data plan subscribers. Five new plans are being offered to bring customers faster mobile Internet anytime.

Verizon’s data plans are simpler now, allowing anyone to get a prepaid data plan for smartphones, tablets, and hotspot devices more easily and quickly. No need for credit checks or annual contracts when you decide to get any from the five latest prepaid data plans:

• 500MB data for $15/week
• 1GB data for $20/month
• 2GB data for $35/2 months
• 5GB data for $60/2 months
• 10GB data for $100/2 months

Prepaid data plan customers can also enroll in Auto Pay. This allows anyone to purchase data on demand. No need to pay extra, just enroll so you can have your prepaid data whenever you need it. These plans are available on connected devices, mobile broadband, and 3G or 4G-enable tablets. You can also purchase data using refill cards online at MY Verizon website.

These prepaid data plans are perfect for those who want to be connected especially when travelling. Being on the road requires one to be connected all the time. While a postpaid plan can be convenient because you don’t have to think of going over your data cap, a prepaid plan gives the user peace of mind because he’s certain that he won’t have to pay extra once all data have been used.

SOURCE: Verizon



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