New Verizon logo

I don’t have unlimited data but I’ve been holding on to my plan because the price is just right for me. As much as you and I want to get an unlimited plan these days, we cannot because mobile carriers have already stopped such offers. (Un)fortunately for those subscribers, the carriers still have to honor them. These are called “grandfathered users”–the old timers who are still using old plans.

Mobile carriers such as Verizon are said to prefer those to just switch to a new plan but not everyone would give in to this gimmick. That’s totally understandable but companies have been trying to attract them by giving them lower prices instead for a new plan but with lower data caps.

It seems that Verizon has finally thought of a way out. It’s not entirely to end all unlimited data plans but just set a $20 increase on their bill. The price increase would now make the plan at $49.99–text and voice plans still not included on the bill. There are only a few “grandfathered unlimited data users”, about less than one percent of all Verizon subscribers but the company just wants them to switch, saying that doing so will even save them more money.

It makes sense but you know, there might still be a few who won’t give in to the new offer. But why would these people not give up their old plan? We don’t know really but I understand how it feels to hold on to a really old thing.

VIA: SlashGear