Verizon Wireless today added a new low-cost tier to their Share Everything monthly plan that, ironically, ends up costing more, at least more than its competitors. This change comes just a week after AT&T announced a similar low-cost option on their tiered shared plans.

It is no secret that in the world of carriers, when one carrier does something, others are sure to follow with something in an attempt to compete. Unfortunately, they may not always be in the same direction. While carriers like T-Mobile have taken the path towards unlimited data, AT&T and Verizon go the opposite direction and just introduce more low-cost tiers. Or at least they try.

Verizon’s Share Everything offering delivers a single packet of data across a number of devices. All tiers have unlimited voice calls and text messaging. The new plan offers a 500 MB of data for $40 a month, just $10 shy of their 1GB offering. Each smartphone connected to the plan will cost an addition $40, or $10 for a tablet. All in all, a customer would pay at least $80 a month for 500 MB of data on one smartphone, but $90 for the same setup but with 1 GB.

Depending on whom you ask, it might be a huge saving. But it still puts Verizon as the most expensive option in similar offerings from other carriers, like T-Mobile, who doesn’t charge for 500 MB. Not that AT&T’s new Mobile Share tier actually does any better. It charges $20 for 300 MB data and $50 for each smartphone, ending up with $70 per month.

Source: Wall Street Journal